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The first restaurant

The first Fridays restaurant opened up on March 15th 1965, in First Avenue and 63rd Street in New York. Alan Stillman, a perfume saler, opened the first TGI Fridays™ restaurant, so that he gets to know single “stewardesses” that lived in his neighbor-hood. According to the myth, Alan Stillman thought up the name TGI Fridays™ while he was skiing with his friend, when feeling furious because his friend had defeated him, he screamed out “Thank Goodness it’s Friday!” Till then the restaurant had no name and he decided to name it like this.


An airplane propeller is placed in every TGI Fridays™ bar to symbolize the engine that moves the business.


TGI Fridays™ came to Greece!

Finally TGI Fridays™ came to Greece! The first TGI Fridays™ restaurant to open in Greece was at Kefalari Square in Kifisia. More store openings followed in Athens and Thessaloniki.


The rowing boat which is found in every TGI Fridays™ restaurant symbolizes the team spirit that is required for the effective service of the guests.


International Awards

The success of TGI Fridays™ in Greece was so great that in 2000 they were honored with the title “Best International Operator” for the TGI Fridays™ chain world-wide amongst 60 countries, one distinction they got for second consecutive year in 2001.


The Three-For-All appetizer first showed up with the name “Ho Ho Ho” platter.


The 1st TGI Fridays™ in Thessaloniki

In November of 2005 the 1st TGI Fridays™ opened in Thessaloniki, at the shop-ping Mall Mediterranean Cosmos, in Pylaia Thessaloniki. Furthermore, TGI Fridays™ were awarded as “Retailer of the year” in the restaurant category, at the 2005 Retail Awards.


Tom Cruise got trained with a TGI Fridays™ bartender for his role in Cocktail.


Success keeps going on!

The recipe of success, patently obvious! Craving dishes, original tastes, exclusive recipes, unique cocktails and charismatic bartenders. And all these, in the most cheerful atmosphere! So, TGI Fridays™ managed to accomplish what others strive to achieve: to become a favorite habit, training Greeks in the philosophy of trendy, happy & casual, the key-words that made them the hottest restaurants in town.