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Fridays Club Breaking News


Are you a Fridays™ Club member? We have great news for you!
We are upgrading our system and your new Fridays™ Club card will transition to a digital card!

Everything you need in one application:
• Digital Fridays™ Card Club with QR Code
• Digital Coupons with QR Code
• Special Offers
• Bonus Points
• Fridays™ News, Events & Promotions
• Book a Table

When will the new Fridays™ Club Card program commence?
May 2023

What will you need to do?
• Redeem your active coupons.
• At the moment, you do not need to do anything more as data are being transferred from one system to another.

Will I lose my coupons?
No, you will be able to redeem your coupons until the end of 2023.

Will I be able to use my card after 02/05/22?
Υou will not be able to use your card until the transition to the new system is complete.

For the period that Fridays ™ Club is not available, can the receipts from my previous visits be added as soon as the new system is ready?
Receipts from previous visits cannot be added to the new system. The new system will be available via mobile app and the card will now be digital. The point accumulation will be done exclusively in the restaurant, by scanning the QR code before the receipt is issued.

Why is the time period required between the two systems?
It’s needed in order to make a smooth transition from one system to the other, as the database is being transferred.

Will I lose my current points?
Don’t worry, you won’t lose your points. Your points will be transferred to the new system.

How will I transfer to the new system and when?
The new system will be ready in May 2023 and you will receive detailed instructions in order to access your new card. The process will be communicated through a newsletter that we will send to our registered members, through our website but also through our restaurants with brochures.

If I don’t download the mobile app, will I be able to become a Fridays™ Club member?
Yes! You will be able to become a Fridays™ Club card member, by creating an account on our website. You will receive your digital card via email.

How can I contact you for the Fridays Club Card;
You can send an email: fridaysclub@fridays.gr or call us 210 6129933.

Stay Tuned for more information regarding our new and improved Fridays™ Club!